PAPPAS LTD was established in 1987. It operates in the air conditioning and heating market and collaborates with the most reliable businesses and brands in the industry. The experience and training of scientific personnel of our company ensure the provision of high quality services and total customer satisfaction

Our services include:

Studies’ preparation
Our engineers draw up a comprehensive study and propose the most appropriate applications of air conditioning and heating systems, covering all needs and requirements.

We undertake engineering supervision at all stages of the installation of the systems, guaranteeing the integrity of the final result.

Experienced and specialized company crews undertake the safe and complete installation of air conditioning and heating equipment.

The smooth operation of the facilities and damage prevention is handled efficiently through regular maintenance contracts. This is the context opted by some of our customers, such as PLAISIO COMPUTERS, ELVAL, SYMETAL, KON KAT ATE, TEI OF PIRAEUS, HALYPS CEMENTS, GLOU, ATERMON ATEE, BIOFORMA SA, etc. In case there is no contract, the company has the ability to immediately restore damage to an air conditioning and heating unit.