PAPPAS SA avails a wide range of products both in cooling and heat pumps for a wide range of commercial or industrial applications.

VRF technology offers the best solution for large commercial applications or industrial buildings (malls, entertainment venues, hospitals, hotels etc).

Wide range of products that combine numerous number of models with elegant and attractive design.

The ventilation system exhausts the indoor air to the environment and draws fresh air in the area.

In modern homes with low energy demand, floor heating is the ideal solution for the exploitation of alternative energy sources (heat pumps, geothermal, solar thermal systems).

The basic operation of the heat pump is to extract heat from the environment in order to heat space.

Residential air conditioning refers to air conditioners of split type, which consist of an internal and an external unit or an external with maximum of eight indoor units.

PAPPAS SA can provide you with products covering all requirements of your business area.

Solar water heater Viessman of Vitosol 22-T type, with water pipes, 150lt boiler and electrical resistance.

In modern residents the largest amount of energy (up to 80%) is consumed for heating needs and hot water.

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