Sonne solar water heaters ...

Sonne Copper Solar heater 120lt.
Sonne Copper Solar heater 160 lt.
Sonne Copper Solar heater 200 lt.
Sonne Copper Solar heater 300 lt.

The copper solar heater of Sonne is the only solar water heater worldwide wich does not rust and does not corrode because of the copper, thus ensuring its long life. It doesn't show the phenomenon of electrolysis and it's the only without the magnesium rod that retains water container hot regardless of outside temperature.

The copper heater of Sonne is only for drinking water because the storage tank consists of pure copper, providing, due to the high thermal conductivity of this metal, the faster heating of water than any other solar panel.

All solar water heaters Sonne subject to strict quality controls and are measured by the research center of ''Demokritos'' under standard EN 12975-2 / ISO 9806-1 and by the CC.

For more specifications see the relevant file here.