Solar water heater Viessman of Vitosol 22-T type, with water pipes, 150lt boiler and electrical resistance.

Highly efficient collector with vacuum "heatpipe" pipes, high performance titanium collector for maximum absorption of solar energy.

Provides installation abilities both for flat or angled roofs, with a minimum slope of 4ο, protruding just 65cm from the roof.

Vacuum pipes can be rotated, in order to achieve optimal orientation to the sun, maximizing energy production.

The vacuum within the pipes ensures highly efficient thermal insulation.

In case of failure, it is possible to replace the damaged pipes without emptying the boiler nor stopping the operation of the solar water heater.




QUALITY AND ELEGANCE Collector’s frame from lateness design aluminum profiles.

SUPERIOR SEALING The internal sealing is achieved with a special E.P.D.M rubber without the use of silicone.

MINIMIZED LOSSES With strong rock wool insulation (d = 50 kg/m3) to the back of the collector and side, we cut to a minimum of collector’s heat loss.

HIGH PERFORMANCE With selective collectible surface applied to a carcass consisting of copper tubes, with laser technology.

ROBUST CONSTRUCTION With special aluminum corner links, ensuring the optimum implementation of the framework and strengthening of the whole construction.

Specially designed oval rubber, adapted to exit holes of the collector, to avoid the distortion of copper pipes from the phenomenon of contraction - dilation.

SOL ΕΠΕ - Sonne Solar Systems