Any air conditioning system-from the smallest (split-system) to the air conditioning systems of large buildings-requires a maintenance plan to ensure maximum performance and cost-effective operation.

A maintenance contract provides:

• efficiency
• prevention of possible damage
• more effective energy consumption control
• maximum exploitation of the air conditioning system

Maintenance tasks include:

• leak testing
• fans check and amperes measurement
• compressors operation control
• compressors ampere measurement
• suction and discharge pressures measurement
• compressors washing using pressure pump and chemical liquid
• tightening of automation and power supply joints
• central controller communication check
• start and proper operation control
• indoor unit air filter cleaning
• indoor fan motor good operation check
• chemical cleaning of indoor unit element
• condensate pump cleaning and function check once a year (if applicable)
• cleaning of condensates pan (where required)

The notification of the customer on the type of maintenance (semiannual or annual) is performed directly by our technicians and the check sheet delivered to the customer.